A Prayer for September

Lord, teach us to pray

Lord God, like the disciples we ask, teach us how to pray.
Teach us the secret of prayer – when to speak and when to keep silent, when to accept and when to go on seeking, when to persevere and when to let go, teach us how to pray.
Teach us the power of prayer – its ability to challenge, to encourage, to transform all life, teach us how to pray.
Teach us the joy of prayer - to express our worship, discover your will, and hear your voice.
In the name of Christ.

Nick Fawcett (adapted)

(Prayers For All Seasons; 1998)



Members support their local projects and fundraise to support national and international projects. They support one another through friendship, fellowship and prayer

Across Ireland

Some of our projects across Ireland include parenting courses, prison work, knitting projects and offering holidays through Away From It All (AFIA).We also support the 16 Days and Bye Buy Childhood Campaigns.


4.1 million Mothers' Union members in 83 countries provide support in their communities in a host of different ways. Literacy and Parenting Programmes are bringing about real change wherever they are rolled out.


Prayer is the backbone and central pillar of Mothers' Union. Using the Wave of Prayer members throughout the world pray for each other. We come together in different ways for prayer and worship

About Us

Mothers' Union is an international Christian charity that seeks to support families of all faiths and none through practical outreach, prayer and advocating family friendly policies within both government and public life.

By supporting marriage and family life, especially through times of adversity, we tackle the most urgent needs challenging relationships and communities.

Our members are not all mothers, or even all women, but are single, married, parents, grandparents or young adults who are just beginning to express their social conscience.

For all 4.1 million members in 83 countries, what Mothers' Union provides is a network through which they can serve Christ in their own community through prayer, financial support and actively working at grassroots level in programmes that meet local needs.

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Countries where Mothers' Union Works

4.1 million

Worldwide Members


Number of lives touched in 2016 by work of Mothers' Union in Ireland and Britain

Projects, News & Events

In our projects and news section we want to show you what we do and keep you up-to-date with the latest news. Mothers' Union aim is to provide Christian Care for Families; the ways in which we do this are too numerous to include all of them. If you click on any of the pictures below you will be able to click again and find out more about some of our work.


We are delighted to announce that there will be a Women's Getaway again this year.

It will take place at Garryvoe Hotel and Leisure Centre 9th - 11th November

The theme will be 'Footsteps' and our speaker will be Kathryn Draper (of Lismore and before that of Ballydehob)


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Woollen Friends

Helping refugee children

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Knitted with love

Helping People of all ages

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Cookbooks for students

Helping in the local schools

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16 Days Campaign

16 days of activism against gender violence

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Archbishop Welby on the MU

Recently updated

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Bye Buy Childhood

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Mothers' Union unites Christians of all ages across the world. Through praying, campaigning and volunteering, members strengthen marriage and family life and bring about positive changes in their communities.
Whether you are looking for support, fellowship, or simply a place to meet like-minded individuals, Mothers' Union is the place for you. Membership is open to anyone who has been baptised and who will support our aims and objectives. You don't have to be a mother you just have to believe in the importance of strengthening family life within society.

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There are membership options to suit every lifestyle, so we are confident you will find it easy to be part of Mothers' Union.

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By filling out our quick contact form, a member of our team will be able to reach out to you, whether you have an issue, require an update on an event, or would like to talk to someone about your faith.

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